The General Conference Sabbath School and Personal Ministries Department is developing a new Sabbath School curriculum, for ages zero through 17. It is scheduled to be released in 2021, and is called MyBibleGuides, “Reaching young hearts by God’s grace.”

MyBibleGuides will seek to enhance the role of grace in salvation, while emphasizing our fundamental beliefs.

—Ramon Canals, General Conference Director of Sabbath School and Personal Ministries.

Objectives of MyBibleGuides

  1. Lead children into an experiential and saving relationship with Jesus.

    MyBibleGuides aims to introduce children to God’s lavish love and His plan to save us for eternity.
  2. Emphasize key Adventist beliefs.

    The Sabbath School hour is the religious education period of the church in which students study God’s Word, the Bible. As such, children will gain a clear understanding of the Bible and its values, from which all Adventist beliefs are derived.
  3. Be inclusive of all cultures and people.

    From artwork to content, MyBibleGuides will endeavor to be inclusive of the needs of a diverse, global, and connected audience, with various needs and learning styles.
  4. Recognize the prophetic gift of Ellen White, key lessons from Adventist history, and end time events.

    From parenting tips to prophetic insights, MyBibleGuides will contain inspired enrichments and prophetic lessons from the Spirit of Prophecy.
  5. Follow the Bible time line.

    From Genesis to Revelation, MyBibleGuides will align stories chronologically with the Bible.
  6. Promote daily Bible study at all levels.

    MyBibleGuides will have daily study guides and for all levels to engage students in the study of God’s Word.
  7. Promote Bible memorization.

    MyBibleGuides will use a single Bible version (NKJV) across the curriculum and encourage students to memorize weekly memory verses in preparation for the 13th Sabbath review.
  8. Include enrichments that complement the lessons.

    MyBibleGuides will include science, health, and nature enrichments to further illustrate lesson themes.
  9. Include children in the mission of the church.

    Total Member Involvement or TMI is a plan to involve everyone, including children, in the mission of the church. The MyBibleGuides Leaders’ manual will include time for weekly TMI In-reach (to visit, pray, care for missing or hurting members), TMI Out-reach (to discuss activities and ways to reach out to the community), and TMI Up-reach (Bible study time, reaching up to God).

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